End-to-end cloud computing

Cloud computing in the enterprise must be examined holistically. This includes networks and the infrastructure as well as applications and processes. This must take place in a standardized and individual manner.


T-Systems is a Microsoft Data Trustee tasked with the responsibility of hosting, and managing Microsoft’s cloud offerings in our environment on their behalf. We focus on assisting organisations to transition and run securely on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and other Microsoft platforms.

As a global partner and Data Trustee to SAP and with over 3 million SAP users on our cloud platforms globally, T-Systems offers a packaged set of tools and methodologies termed Cloudifier, through which we assist organisations to modernise to SAP Hana, and to migrate their SAP environment to the Cloud where they run securely at significantly reduced costs.

Oracle Cloud
As part of our Enterprise grade multi-cloud platform strategy T-Systems is working closely with Oracle to bring Oracle cloud services to the market. Organisations will be able to seamlessly split their workloads and consume their own Oracle resources, T-Systems cloud offerings and even Oracle resources in the cloud on demand.

T-Systems Private and Public Cloud
T-Systems has been running DSI, our private cloud environment, for customers for over 10 years. With the launch of our Open Telekom Cloud, we are now positioned as a leader in both the public and private cloud space. Our experience and track record in cloud enables us to guarantee quality of service through our Un-outsourcer approach which allows customers to migrate off our cloud platforms should they experience any major outages or if they are not satisfied with our quality of service.