End-to-end cloud computing

Cloud computing in the enterprise must be examined holistically. This includes networks and the infrastructure as well as applications and processes. This must take place in a standardized and individual manner.

Amazon Web Services

Every organisation has shown interest in using AWS as part of their cloud strategy and to no surprise as this is a low cost entry point into using cloud, starting with IaaS. With the expansive development skills and ever changing and increase in solutions being offered, this platform cannot be ignored as being part of your strategy.

The question is what services do you as an organisation want use in AWS? With the all increasing AWS skills base in South Africa and level of support services it is impossible to not look at. As part of your multi-cloud strategy and engagement the question is which services and how do you as an organisation bed-down your administration and monitoring services that you have grown accustom to having as part of this world?

T-Systems can help you on this journey and help you identify the workloads that make business sense as well as enhance the customer experience in your organisation.

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