Challenged for IT services? Which cloud platform to deploy? Who to choose to provide you with the right solutions? We offer the following services to elevate your customer experience:

Infrastructure Services
Upgrades, Maintenance, Support Services

Administration Services
Monitoring, Service Desk, Disaster Recovery

Cloud Assessment and Readiness

Multi Cloud Strategy development

Cloud Brokerage Services

Focus on customer experience, increasing customer loyalty and longevity.



With years of experience in taking customers to various cloud platforms, T-Systems understand customer hesitance and frustration of choosing the right platform to deliver the business experience customers want and are asking for.

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Cloud Security

Who do I hold accountable for enforcing the relevant security measures and reducing the risk?”

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Microsoft Azure

T-Systems has a proven track record of being a data trustee and with the skills and the data centre infrastructure required to host Software vendors applications. T-Systems was recently appointed as a Microsoft Azure data trustee by Microsoft which includes the Azure platform and Office 365.

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As a Global SAP partner and a data trustee for SAP AG in Germany T-Systems has more than 5.6 million SAP users under our administration of which 3.2 million SAP users run off the T-Systems cloud platforms.

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Oracle Cloud

T-Systems was publicly named as one of 3 partners to focus on developing and strengthening the Oracle cloud platform market in South Africa. Cementing our Oracle expertise and offering additional cloud platforms to our customers it is no surprise that we believe this platform is also key to our customers success.

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Amazon Web Services

Every organisation has shown interest in using AWS as part of their cloud strategy and to no surprise as this is a low cost entry point into using cloud, starting with IaaS. With the expansive development skills and ever changing and increase in solutions being offered, this platform cannot be ignored as being part of your strategy.

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Dynamic Services for Infrastructure

As part of the enterprise grade cloud service offering T-Systems as built a local cloud offering using VMware’s ESX hypervisor as part of the multi-cloud strategy focusing on enterprise grade services for local virtual private cloud offerings.

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Migration Services

Central to a multi-cloud strategy, is developing a roadmap and the ability to move between various cloud platforms. With our expertise in helping current clients move between various platforms we are well positioned to enable this for you.

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